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Visual Studio 2008 Ortamında GLUT Kullanımı


Visual Studio 2008 ortamında glut kütüphanesini kullanabilmek için ilk olarak bir C++ Win32 Console Application projesi oluşturuyoruz:


First Tutorial in OpenCV Using OpenCVsharp

Firstly, we need to OpenCVsharp library to use and we will use OpenCV-2.3.0 version(we will use C# as code language). 

1. So download the setup file from this link.

2.Run the file as an administrator and when it is asked where to extract, "Extract to" "C:/Program Files"(it will create a folder OpenCV2.3 in Program Files directory).

3. After extraction finishes, right-click Computer icon, click Properties pop-up window. Click "Advanced system settings" and click "Environment Variables". It will open a new window headered with "System Variables". In "System Variables" part(it's second grid, upper one is "User Variables"), double-click "Path", it will open window headered "Edit System Variable". Add ";C:\Program Files\OpenCV2.3\build\bin\;C:\Program Files\OpenCV2.3\build\x64\vc10\bin\;C:\Program Files\OpenCV2.3\build\x64\vc10\lib;C:\Program Files\OpenCV2.3\build\x64\vc10\staticlib" (without quote marks) to the end of second textbox(labeled "Variable value").